domingo, 8 de março de 2015

PerInstallCash - up to $2 per install. Monetize your download, movie, mp3, software, adult traffic

Hello, I'm introducing pay per install affiliate network.
We have been working since 2011, make regular payments, working to improve conversion and strictly control the traffic quality.
When we just started, we were positioned as PPI affiliate network for mp3 and youtube traffic and we had only two softwares.
Time goes by, we are developing, and now we can offer solutions to convert almost any type of traffic with different softwares and landing pages.
Our rates much higher now, you can receive up to $2 per US install.
We are converting movie, mp3, download, youtube, software, facebook, adult and any other types of traffic.
Simply go to the promo section, choose your type of traffic and get promos that best fit your needs.

Our killer features:
- file downloader
- bundling your exe
- video content locker
- generic content locker
- direct links to exe
- link protector with 100 % traffic back
- ebedded video player
- adult video player
- ability to change the name of downloaded file
- automatic addition of download button to every embedded youtube video
- download buttons

We add promo tools frequently enough, just login and check our news or follow us on twitter or read our blog.

We pay for all countries.
Payments available by request with 30 days payment hold, for publishers with huge amount of installs we decrease it to 15 days.
Payment minimum is $10 (paypal, webmoney, epese, epayments) and $150 for wire.

10 % from referral earnings.

Registration link

Welcome all!

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